13th September 2014 

Even though I’ve don’t loads of research recently I decided yesterday to get out the house and go ahead with Hilary’s advice of just going out and getting on with a shoot as a starting point. Being back home I decided to go down to Dungeness and photograph the WW2 radar dishes. Dungeness was the perfect place to go having researched Nadav Kandar, Todd Hido and Phillip Lorca decorrcia who’s all have a vibe and style about them I’d like to explore with dungeness being the perfect place to experiment.
I have to admit I was quite disappointed when I got to the radar dishes as they were situated on a tiny island that I couldn’t reach so I had to make the most of what I could get where I was. I was feeling disheartened after as it had a been at least an hours drive to get there, so I said to myself there must be something else I can do. As I sat in the car the car started to fog up, this made me think on Hido’s work and well as Luigi Ghirri photograph shooting through fogged up windows so I then proceeded to try the same thing which to my surprise worked really well!! I am very pleased with the result of yesterday’s shoot even though I went for something else I came back with a variety of work with could offer different paths for this project. I am very much looking forward to the one to one tomorrow as hopefully I can get more advice about the work and the research I have done so far.